Playing Roulette with the Right Strategy

People love roulette for many reasons, but its fast-paced and exciting style appeals to people both in virtual and physical casinos. For many, it’s an awesome way to begin dabbling in the world of online gambling and win some hefty rewards early in their casino careers. While many other casino games require knowledge of lots of rules and tactics, roulette can be easily understood and mastered without prior casino knowledge.

For those just beginning, there are four main roulette practices that can be utilized by players. Let’s look at each and provide some more information.

Practice Makes Perfect

Most online roulette casinos offer practice games that help newer players hone their skills. This gives players the ability to experience the excitement without losing money early in their playing careers. Players will be able to see all the particular scenarios unfold in roulette games and develop better betting habits when playing for real.

Using Fibonacci’s Math

Most people have heard of Fibonacci numbers, which – simply put – mean number sequences where two particular numbers add up to equal the following number in the sequence.

How many experienced roulette players use Fibonacci numbers in successful games is in their betting choices. For example, a player makes a random bet and leaves it entirely up to chance. After losing two bets, they add those bets together and use it to justify their third bet. If they lose the third bet, they repeat the process and move up another number; if they win, they move back down two numbers in their bet.

While it may seem improbable, many players swear by this strategy.

Embracing the Labouchere

Much like the previous Fibonacci strategy, the Labouchere betting method utilizes sequences of numbers to improve roulette winning odds.

Essentially, this involves creating a string of random numbers. To calculate your bet, simply add the first and last numbers in the series. An example could be 6, 3, 9, 7, 4 and 3: you would add the 6 and 3 together to produce a bet of 9.

Whenever you lose at roulette using this method, simply take what your bet was and add it to the random sequence of numbers, and then repeat the method.

Taking Advantage of Martingale

Easily remembered, the Martingale system doesn’t require any fancy math. All you need to do is place your bet and double it whenever you lose. When you win, simply start the system all over again. Despite its simplicity, many online roulette players brag about the efficiency of winning it provides.

Going All in on the One Hit Wonder

Rather than creating complicated numerical systems that need to be memorized, some opt for the one hit wonder system. Easily implemented, all it involves is betting on the same single number with each spin of the wheel. The logic behind this method is that sooner or later, the ball will have to land on that number.

While this does require knowing how to manage your betting budget (or else you can lose lots of money quickly), those who master it do very well for themselves.

What to Know

While roulette is a luck-based game with statistical parameters, minimizing losses can be done with a bit of careful consideration and/or math. These four strategies can help improve winning odds and make one of the simplest online casino games much more profitable.