Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is one of the most famous and popular casino card games of all time and it has been so ever since the game first came into existence over 400 years ago. It’s a unique card game where the players do not compete against each other directly, but instead, they compete against the dealer on their turn. While chance plays a big role here just like any other card game, pros do have their own blackjack strategies because a good one can increase the chances of winning quite significantly. On that note, let’s now check out a few of the basics of blackjack strategies next.

Memorize the Rules

This may not seem like much of a strategy, but in the world of novice players, this can make a huge difference because not every online casino offers the same version of blackjack and depending on the version that they have, the rules will change a bit. Unless you know the exact rules governing the particular game of blackjack that you are trying to play, you will lose and lose badly. Know the name of the game and make sure that you have every rule and variation memorized.

The Blackjack Systems

There are multiple systems which experts use to win their hands in blackjack and we will discuss the basics of the popular ones next.

Parlay System – While explaining the Parlay System to novice players, it is described as a triangle, where the value of the winning player’s next bet is equal to the total value of his/her first bet and the profit made on the winning hand.

Paroli System – It’s a relatively simple strategy where the player increases the value of his/her bets while winning and brings it down while losing. It helps to keep or break the momentum, as necessary.

Martingale System – A somewhat dangerous but often extremely profitable system is the Martingale System, where the bets are doubled each time a player loses his/her hand. It’s definitely not the safest strategy out there, but it actually works well for a lot of people who want to win big.

Card Strategy

Card strategies are more personal and might take experience to be employed successfully, but that’s how all the pros do it. You make your decision based on the cards you have and not just a general system. For example, players with points equal to or lower than 8 will often ask the dealer to “hit” them, while the same player will double their bet on having 10 – 11 points and get an extra card. If you have similar cards, you can choose to split them to increase your chances of winning. This is advisable when the player has aces, nines, eights, sevens, threes and twos. These are things that you will learn to perfect down the line with enough experience.

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot always win in blackjack with sheer luck and it’s true the other way around as well. Nevertheless, the proper system and card strategy will make sure that you do win when you have good cards and minimize your losses when you don’t.